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At Automatic Food Service, we feel it’s important to offer a wide variety of healthy choices. Not only is this because more and more people are asking for them, but because by choosing healthier items, employees will be healthier themselves. And a healthy employee is a happy employee...and a happy employee is a productive employee, needing less sick days and keeping insurance costs lower.

Healthy Vending Machines Montgomery and Auburn
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Our commitment to healthier choices goes beyond words. We currently take part in three healthy nutrition programs:

Good Choice Program: This is a state of Alabama program sponsored by the Department of Public Health, which is mandatory for all state offices, buildings and schools. And we comply with its specific requirements in order to service state buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and schools, but it can also be tapped into by private universities, businesses, etc.

Choice Plus Program: This is a Canteen program designed by their team of registered dietitians and culinary experts to include choices that meet criteria supported by the latest nutritional guidelines. And, as a Canteen franchisee, we can pass this valuable program onto you.

Fit Pick Program: We are members of NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) and this is their program to help people make healthier choices. Fit Pick provides simple, ready-to-use vending machine stickers that identify vended products that meet a standardized set of nutritional guidelines.

School Programs

With these programs and our extensive experience, we are fully equipped to serve schools with better nutritional options. This is important to everyone as child and adolescent health is an important issue nationwide. We work hard to better understand these nutritional concerns, and deliver snacks, foods and beverages that promote healthy eating habits in children.

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